Board Goals

Lakeview Community Schools - Board of Education Goals

Board Goal Area #1: Student Achievement: The Board of Education will support the development and implementation of district wide school improvement processes and educational practices resulting in 80% of Lakeview students scoring proficient on standardized tests.



  1. Lakeview Community Schools will increase test scores in

every subject area by 3% to 6% while staying above the state average in all subject areas at each grade level on the M-STEP, MME, and SAT annually.


  1. Every student will demonstrate academic growth as evidenced by our local data in EBLI and NWEA.


  1. Provide a curriculum that meets individual needs of students while utilizing vetted best instructional practices


Board Goal Area #2: Community Relations: Lakeview Community Schools will build positive and effective community relations.



  1. Lakeview Community Schools will increase parent and community involvement opportunities.
  1. Offer four or more parent events and activities at the building level.
  2. Explore/Expand partnerships with local business and communities within the district.


  1. Lakeview Community Schools will increase forms of communication between home and school.
  1. Increase avenues for student feedback/voice.
  2. Communicate school activities weekly.


  1. Lakeview Community Schools will increase parent and community opportunities for input on school related decisions.
  1. The Board will conduct a community survey by the end of April each year.
  2. The Board of Education will set up a meet and greet at the spring conferences to allow for parent contact and communication.

Board Goal Area #3: Fiscal Responsibility: Lakeview Community schools will maintain the financial integrity of our district while providing quality programs that meet or exceed the needs of all students.



  1. The school district seeks to maintain a minimum unassigned balance equivalent to 10% of the subsequent year’s budgeted expenditures and outgoing transfers. Strategies recommended to support ensure highest levels of fiscal responsibility include:
      1. Transparent, long range and student-centered budget planning that includes a balanced budget over three years.
      2. Consolidation and co-operative use of all services/facilities.
      3. Prioritizing funds in order to support the continued professional development of all staff.


Board Goal Area # 4: Specific to members of the Board of Education: The Lakeview Board of Education will hold itself to the highest standard possible out of respect to the school and community that we serve.



    1. The members of the Board will participate in education opportunities and workshops offered to them.


    1. The members of the Board will see themselves as contributing members of the education community.


    1. The Board will develop an orientation packet that will provide information to board members about the work and expectations of board members.
      1. All Board members take the CBA – 101 class.
      2. Board members attend at least 80% of the meetings held each year.
      3. Board members are able to communicate goals and missions of the District to the community.
      4. Board meetings operate in an efficient and effective manner.
      5. Board members speak with one voice.
      6. Board members are encouraged to continue taking classes toward CBA certification.